Street artists Plastic Jesus and Joshua “Ginger” Monroe have unveiled a life-size statue of Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood ahead of this year’s Oscars. Installed near the venue where the ceremony will be held, the golden sculpture depicts the former Hollywood producer on a couch in a bathrobe holding an Academy Award.

To date, the Oscar-winning producer is facing multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct from more than 70 women and is currently being investigated by UK police. The allegations against Weinstein spurred the viral  #metoo and #TimesUp movements against sexual assault and harassment. Both were prominent talking points at the recent Golden Globes and Grammy awards.

Plastic Jesus, who like Banksy chooses to remain anonymous, noted that the statue took two months to produce and was paid for by donations. “Whilst many thought the ‘casting couch’ was a thing of the past it was clearly still a part of the Hollywood culture,” the artist said in a statement on his Facebook page. “Hopefully now in the light of recent allegations against many leading figures in Hollywood the industry will clean up it’s [sic] act.”

The “Casting Couch” statue follows another art protest from fellow street artist Sabo, whose smear campaign alleged that Meryl Streep knew about the allegations against Weinstein, but chose to stay silent. Additionally, Plastic Jesus and Monroe were also responsible for producing the naked statues of Donald Trump that appeared in various cities during the 2016 Presidential elections.

Weinstein, who produced films such as The King’s Speech, Inglourious Basterds, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has since been removed from his executive position at The Weinstein Co. which he co-founded.

The 90th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

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