Getting YouTube to play continuously in the background on your phone can be quite difficult, unless you have a YouTube Red subscription, that is. In general, the service only acts as a foreground app, thus preventing you from using other programs on your phone while utilizing YouTube. According to The Verge, however, there is now a way to make this all more conveniently possible.

For Android phones, simply take advantage of the Telegram messaging app. All you have to do is send yourself a YouTube link and upon clicking, the video will play directly without transferring you to another app. Even when you minimize Telegram or shut the screen off, the link continues to play.

iPhone users can in turn use a third party browser such as Dolphin to play YouTube videos. Simply exit the app and resume playback at the iOS Control Center. The same can be done for Android phones with Google Chrome (in desktop mode).

Follow on over to The Verge for more in-depth details on using YouTube in the background on your phone.

In related news, YouTube's nighttime "Dark Theme" is designed to keep your eyes from straining.

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