Playboi Carti performed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the weekend and during the show he made an exciting announcement: he's finally getting ready to drop his new album Whole Lotta Red.

Carti told the crowd that we can expect the record to arrive in the next 60 days. Watch the reveal below.

The arrival of Whole Lotta Red has been anticipated for some time now. Back in June, the 22-year-old rapper told The FADER that it could have dropped already, only that he's "just trying to top shit. I might make the hardest song ever tomorrow.”

Additionally, over the last few months, a number of Carti tracks have leaked online. It's not yet known whether leaked tracks "Minute Maid," "Butterfly Pill," "T Shit," "A and L," "Hulk," and "Shortie N Luv" will appear on Whole Lotta Red. Expect a confirmed release date to appear soon.

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