Playboi Carti just revealed to The Cruz Show that he and Frank Ocean created five tracks together while hanging out in New York last month.

While talking about his album, Die Lit, and what it’s like taking his dad to the club, the Atlanta rapper divulged a little info about his recent hangouts with Frank Ocean. “He’s the G.O.A.T., you know what I’m sayin’?” Carti continued, “Last time, I worked with him was in New York about a month a go. We did like five songs.”

Before we all get hype about about another potential Carti x Ocean hook-up — Carti was in the studio while Ocean recorded his Blonde album track, “Nights” — Carti concluded that the tracks are, quite literally, out of his hands. “They with him,” he declared, adding, “You know, it’s Frank, so he move how he move. You never know what he on.”

Watch the interview in full above — the Frank Ocean conversation arrives around the five minute mark.

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