People used to be Nintendo people or Playstation people, but for a brief period in the '90s it looked like you would be able to be both. A fabled collaboration between the two companies birthed the "Nintendo PlayStation" — a console that could play games both from a typical SNES cartridge and the Sony-built CD drive.

Unfortunately, the collaboration was extremely short lived, only 200 prototypes of the console were made and they were rumored to all be destroyed. It looked like any chance of the console's revival was doomed — that is until a rare prototype was discovered at an estate sale in 2015.

It wasn't fully functional but in the intervening years, retro game aficionado Ben Heck painstakingly reverse engineered and refurbished the console. Watch the video above to see how exactly he managed it.

In other game news, Street Fighter II, Pokemon and Halo: Combat Evolved have been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

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