2016, what a time to be alive. With the whole world looking away from a presidential election that has felt like a New Yorker cartoon gone horribly, horribly awry, prime distraction has emerged on two fronts: in the global phenomena that is Pokémon GO and in the endlessly customizable world of emojis. Well dear reader, it’s time to fasten your seatbelt, as those two unstoppable cultural juggernauts have now joined as one. Here it is: the Pokémoji keyboard.

But unfortunately like other recent emoji developments, such as the famous artists and artworks edition, this keyboard is currently only in the mock-up stage. Created by French design duo Minet And Magalahaes, their ideal Pokémon emoticons have a sizable handful of the creatures in illustrated form. Obviously Pickachu is there, but their ideal Pokémojis also include evolved forms of selected Pokémon and even Pokéballs for all your typing needs. There’s not time like the present to start petitioning Apple to make these suckers a reality, so get going!

In related news, we break down all the details behind the firs major Pokémon GO update so you don’t have to.

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