After the release of Pokémon GO, we collectively saw a plethora of custom artworks and memes depicting the pocket monsters in different themes. While most of them had Pokémon leaning towards being sinister-looking or more on the cute side, Chicago-based artist Shawn Bowers took his mind to the creative limit with the inception of Garfémon, a Garfield-meets-Pokémon fusion.

Some hilarious works from the set include a dopy-looking Bulbasaur and a muscular Paras. Most of Bower's creations are super cute - but some are downright weird, such as the interpretation of Arbok and an incredibly creepy Jinx. He even came up with a song to accommodate the collection:

They want to be the fattest cats Like no cats ever was To catch Zs is their main quest And eating la-sa-gnas

They will take the longest naps Because they’re fat and wide Each Garfemon hates Odie dogs They wish that they would die


It’s you and they They’re Garfield monsters, hey Garfemon, oh, they’re my best friends Because I have no other friends


An orange-ish hue And they hate Mondays too You teach me and I’ll teach you

Garf-e-mon, gotta garf ‘em all Yeaaaah

Be sure to check out the gallery above and let us know what you think about the art collection in the comment section below. For the complete set of images, head over to Bower's Garfémon Tumblr.

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