After recently adding daily quests and bonuses in hopes of keeping players engaged, an upcoming Pokémon GO update is poised to introduce 100 new Pokémon, in addition to never-before-seen gameplay features.

These new creatures consist of both normal and legendary types, as you'll have to update the app before the newly-added Pokémon will appear.

On top of the 100 creatures, the game is also introducing player-vs.-players battles, player trading, and new ways to train and raise Pokémon.

The new Pokémon were initially discovered by The Silph Road, as they were living in a sort of limbo in the game. To view the creatures, simply click the "INCLUDE GEN 2 POKEMON" checkbox and then sort by species number, with the new ones starting at 152.

To catch these Pokémon in the game you'll have to wait until Gen 2 is officially launched.

Look for the new Pokémon GO update to begin rolling out in the coming weeks, though, as no specific release date has been revealed as of yet.

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