For the past year there's been rumblings that Nintendo was scheming something big for its beloved Pokémon franchise. Now, at this week's E3 trade show, it has revealed exactly what that something is: an augmented-reality mobile game that lets you capture the pocket monsters in real life.

The game, titled Pokémon Go, allows players to explore their cities in the search for Pikachu and more, using their phones to spot the creatures in the wild using augmented reality technology and location information. You’ll also be able to discover gyms to train them and secure special items like Pokémon eggs at places like museums and monuments.

Nintendo has said they will allow players to trade their collection, but that the feature won't be available upon release.

Watch the trailer above, and look out for the game's release on Android and iOS this July.

While we wait, here's 20 memories every OG Pokémon fan can relate to.

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