Get ready, Pokémon fans, for it looks like there's going to be a fresh character to capture in the next installments of Sword and Shield.

Taking to Twitter earlier this weekend, the official Pokémon account teased its followers with instructions to head over to the Sword and Shield website, which is currently taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch games.

Sitting on top of the pre-order visuals is a small, pixelated white square, which seemingly contains a new creature. The square moves as you hover over it but once clicked, the page reveals a Pokédex listing that's filled with stats revealing the character's weight, type, and more. While the name remains a mystery, we know that this new creature weighs 257.9 pounds, boasts steadfast ability and is a fighting type. Take a look for yourself here.

Glitching text underneath the stats reads, "Only ... that have survived many battles can attain this ... When this Pokémon's ... ers, it will retire from combat." The new game arrives on November 15, 2019.

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