Porn-lovers around the world were momentarily left distraught yesterday after a brilliant April Fools' Day prank from PornHub.

The site terrified fans by creating a pop-up message thanking them for automatically sharing its videos on Facebook. The caption read: "No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary feature does it for you!

Users could click on one of two buttons, which said: “Thanks Pornhub!” and “WTF, reverse this now!”.

It's hard to imagine anybody falling for it for too long, but you'd be forgiven for holding your breath for a few seconds — nobody needs to know what weird fucked up shit you're watching, especially not your 80-year-old granny who finally joined Facebook last week.

Of course, Twitter was quick to spot the prank with users sharing reactions to the prank.

The site later confirmed it was just a prank, reassuring users their browsing history remains private.


In other news, did Vetements just launch an underwear collab with Fruit of the Loom?

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