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Pornhub went from a free porn paradise to a respectable lifestyle brand, and to further showcase that new direction, the adult entertainment company has launched an exclusive sock line for athletes, fashionistas and self-love enthusiasts alike.

Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub shared, “For as long as I can remember, socks have served a dual purpose. Not only are they a staple of our everyday attire, but some people have MacGyvered them to serve as a tool for self-love and…clean up. Following our foray into the fitness and fashion industries, it made sense for us to release a sock line that appeals to both athletes and fashionistas, as well as self-love enthusiasts. Our ‘Dirty Socks’ collection is not only aesthetically pleasing, featuring faces of famous pornstars, but also…comes…in handy for when you might need it.”

The debut collection of socks essentially features portraits of award winning pornstars Asa Akira, Madison Ivy and Jonny Sinns, and to promote the launch, a video spot paying tribute to classic training commercials by the likes of Nike, and adidas, display athletes going through their daily routines and persevering through adverse conditions.

Overall, the ad encourages people to pick up a pair of Pornhub branded socks, come hard and not stop until the very last drop, and it’s highlighted with the hashtag #beatyourself, which fans can use to post pictures of themselves on social media.

For more info about Pornhub’s sock line and how to purchase a pair, head on over to Porn Hub’s website now. Pricing is listed at $18 USD.

Also, in case you missed it, Young M.A is directing an erotic lesbian film for Pornhub.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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