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While the Porsche 911 has featured pretty much the same overall body style for decades, if the manufacturer ever did decide to change things up a bit, this might be what it would look like. Accordingly, here we showcase artist Sasha Selipanov‘s futuristic 911.

In taking cues from the Mission-E Concept, we notice redesigned headlights which are made up of four small lights brought together in a square shape, instead of the accustomed single unit. Furthermore, the futuristic 911 has no front grille and instead features just two large air intakes.

The roofline of the sports car has also been redefined, here showcasing a double bubble design. At the rear, we finally see slender LED taillights, dual central-exiting exhausts, and a curvy bumper.

So, if Porsche was ever to change up the design of the 911, would you like to see any of these elements?

For some additional 911-related material, take a look at these two ’70s-inspired 911s by Singer.

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