Porsche Design invited me to tour its first ever skyscraper, a $840 million luxury residential project in Miami. Not to be confused with its older brother Porsche, Porsche Design has operated independently since the early '70s and is famous for its automotive-inspired timepieces, clothing and lifestyle product. Apparently, a 60-story architectural masterpiece in the middle of Sunny Isles Beach falls into the "lifestyle product" category. That's like Supreme building a skatepark/hotel concept in the Lower East Side.

Porsche, like the famed skate imprint, has a fanatical cult-like following which leads me to my next pipe dream: the coolest luxury streetwear collab of 2018: Supreme x Porsche. Just throwing that one out there.

Jokes aside, this trip was the most wild opportunity for a photographer so I'll keep the rest of the verbiage brief -- these photos really speak for themselves.


The photos above were taken from one of the tower's two $32.5 million penthouses. It's garage can hold up to 11 cars. More on that below.


Any rich guy with a loose checkbook can fork over a few mil for a cool condo with amenities in Miami's Sunny Isles Beach. The Porsche Design Tower has a spa, hair salon, private yoga studio, immersive Gran Turismo video game simulator, movie theater, outdoor summer kitchens, wraparound balconies, hot tubs, a private restaurant, and much more. But it’s not the five-star hotel-like amenities that makes this building worthy of a story.

The coolest damn thing in the Porsche Design Tower, and any building for that matter, is the “Deservator,” a trademark coined by developer Gil Dezer. Simply drive your car (probably a Porsche?) into the elevator to get lifted directly into your unit. That's right, you can park your ride 60 stories in the sky.

Sound like home? Learn more here.

If a million dollar condo is not in your budget this week, shop Porsche Design here.

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