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Shaboink / Sherbinskis

Post Malone, who now has his own hemp and cannabis brand, Shaboink, has teamed up with Mario Guzman and his premium cannabis lifestyle company, Sherbinskis, to launch a series of hemp pre-rolls in partnership with Icon Farms. Manufactured using only American-grown hemp, plant-derived terpenes, and water, the hemp pre-rolls are offered in two terpene flavor profiles of Shaboink “Posty OG” and Sherbinskis “Gelato.”

“I’m proud to bring a natural hemp product by Shaboink to market. It’s a product I personally love and know my fans will too,” says Malone. “Our partners are best in class and so is this product. The terpene flavors are great, and you can’t beat an all-natural pre-roll.”

Sherbinskis and Shaboink are joined by Icon Farms in their partnership, a family-owned, multi-generational tobacco production company known for its unmatched manufacturing practices, including high-volume tobacco production and clean, American-grown hemp cultivation.

“This is another historic moment for Sherbinskis. It’s my honor to pioneer the hemp category with Post Malone, Shaboink and Icon Farms,” Guzman adds. “I’ll never forget the moment we watched their tobacco machines replaced with hemp and saw the first batch of pre-rolls come off the production line. It was unforgettable and a sign of what’s to come.”

The hemp pre-rolls will be sold individually in co-branded packs in the United States. Sherbinskis points out that the products are tobacco and nicotine free, and made with less than 0.3 percent THC. Sherbinskis and Shaboink’s pre-rolls are being debuted this week at the CHAMPS trade show in Las Vegas – you will soon be able to purchase them through Greenlane.

For a deeper dive into Sherbinskis, listen below.

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