post malone
Redfern / Lorne Thomson

Post Malone has finally kept his promise and paid YG $20,000 after losing an NFL bet.

Nine months ago, Post Malone bet that YG’s favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams, would lose against the Dallas Cowboys during the playoffs. Surprisingly, the Cowboys (who’ve won five Superbowl Championships) lost against the Rams.

Now, it looks like Post Malone has given YG what he’s owed. According to TMZ, Post’s manager, Dre London, personally handed YG an envelope containing the full amount at a video shoot for the rapper’s collaboration with Tyla Yaweh, Post Malone’s artist. In the TMZ video, YG jokes about how long it took to receive the money: “It’s been a whole 365 days, nigga. It’s about motherfucking time.”

The 2019-2020 NFL playoffs will kick off in January, so stay tuned for more bets in the coming months.