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“Aristotle wore linen. Egyptians called it woven moonlight. Titian, Velasquez, Picasso, Rothko: they all painted on linen,” says the manifesto of Mister French. Mister French is a brand being newly launched by brothers Mike and Matt French who are so passionate about linen that they are debuting with only two 100% linen shirts.

A mere two styles — a short-sleeve and a long-sleeve — may sound unsubstantial at first, but every detail going into each design was so meticulously done to be perfect. The French brothers gave the styles a carefully trim yet relaxed fit, intentionally straight-cut to be worn untucked, and finished them with fine single-needle stitching that gives the button-downs an overall clean silhouette and lightweight feel.

Made of 100% Italian linen sourced from just west of Sanremo, the shirts are dyed in-house in custom colors like mint green, cobalt blue, red, white and coral pink. Contrast color bands around the collars and mother of pearl buttons are the only visible design details, but there is a hidden tonal loop inside the plackets with which to hold your sunglasses.

The new brand also sells some one-off souvenirs that the brothers collect during their trips (the above lookbook was shot in Mexico), offering playful items like matchbooks, straw hats and colorful blankets that go well with the Mister French shirt range. Perhaps the brand has larger plans to become a vacation-lifestyle retailer. You saw it here first.

Shop the shirts here, with prices ranging from $133 to $148. Made in Portugal.

Words by Elaine YJ Lee