A return to form can be a tricky situation. How do you respect the past and make bold steps forward? Proteca, the made-in-Japan suitcase brand, found a worthy solution with a nendo-headed rebranding project that celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The new chapter features an eye to yesteryear. Proteca chose luggage colors like maroon brown and mandarin orange that were first used by managing company ACE in 1960--the year they began selling suitcases.

However, the rebranding goes beyond a "fresh coat of paint" with physical changes that include silent casters so you'll be seen and not heard walking through the airport. The suitcases also comes with a ribbed construction for rigidity and lightness.

Plus, with an exterior light and 360-degree design that allows you to open the suitcase from multiple angles, there's no situation that will restrict you from adding just one more item. Proteca also enhances the rebranding with "AND PROTECA," a sub-brand of accessories including belts, covers, and inner pouches and bags.

You can learn more and purchase a suitcase of your own here.

Words by boice-Terrel Allen for Selectism 

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