public schools new program will supply streetwear labels with sustainable basics V-to blanks program
Getty Images / Thomas Concordia

Sustainability is one of the overwhelming buzz topics in fashion this year, something exemplified by Public School. The NYC brand has launched a sustainable basics line called V-to, which will supply recycled and organic blanks such as T-shirts and hoodies to streetwear labels.

After winning the 2019 CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative last week, a program that tasks designers with making their clothes more sustainable, Public School founders Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow are planning to use the $100,000 prize to fund what they call their “blanks program.” The sustainable basics will be made available to designers and retailers in an effort to make the fashion industry greener.

Chow told Vogue, “When we started this project, we knew we wanted to create something that didn’t just impact our own business. It’s one thing to create a green collection for ourselves and sell it through our own channels, but it’s another to come up with an idea that can be adopted by our peers.”

According to Vogue, V-to pieces will be made in the Toronto region and will be 60 percent recycled cotton, with 40 percent of that coming from clothes that have been thrown away, and the rest of the cotton used certified organic.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer