Queen Astrid House

There are some houses out there in the world that can leave you and your amazing 2BR feeling pretty minuscule. Chief among them, the Queen Astrid Park house. The place is seriously unreal—from the rooftop gardens on down to that tiled fucking swimming pool. Just try to take in the awesomeness of the wide-open living room area, drunk on its own supply of natural light, without getting a little melancholy.

This is the work of Singapore-based Aamer Architects, who salt the wound thusly: "A large house, divided into several blocks on steep undulating land, with breezeway green courtyards and rooftop gardens [it is] well-fitted into the land with sprawling gardens and waterscapes placed at strategic locations." We just hope that little girl running down the spiral staircase in the gallery above knows how good she has it.

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