queen key
Photo courtesy of Queen Key

Queen Key encourages listeners to live their best life, by way of audacious slick talking over pummeling base lines. Her 2018 EP Eat My Pussy features the perfect mash up of playful bars that praise taking back female sexuality, and getting what you want. This time around, Queen is coming back in full swing and keeping that same energy on her upcoming EP titled Eat My Pussy Again. Today, we’re premiering the accompanying visual for her new single “Can’t Take It” and her message speaks louder than ever: Queen Key is not giving up her throne.

Shot entirely under an all blue light, the three minute Belly-esque video is visually reminiscent of Keisha’s iconic bedroom scene. While a mix of aerial, slow-mo, drone-like shots above Los Angeles City create a level of suspense that perfectly pair with her soulful and slow brewing background track sample- giving us an inside look into Queen Key’s inner thoughts.

As an artist, Queen Key is known for her carefree personality and fun rapping style. However, “Can’t Take It” is an unusual departure from the norm. On this track, she gives room to stretch her legs, get serious, and talk her shit: “From the concrete, I rose, these hoes daffadeals/ Separate me from these bitches/ Jesus, these hoes ain’t cut and I’m really bleeding.”

Eat My Pussy Again drops on March 22 and is currently available for pre-order. Catch “Can’t Take It” below and scroll down for our exclusive Q&A with Queen Key.

When you hear a Queen Key track, it’s so distinct, in terms of sound, from a lot of new artist out today. How would you describe your sound? Do you think growing up in Chi influenced that unique sound at all?

My music and sound is unique I’d say. It’s simply me, my personality. I grew up in Chicago and the south suburbs so I believe I’m very versatile.

A lot of your music is fun and bubbly, you have a lot of playful bars in there. On “Can’t Take It,” we got to hear a more serious side of you. Was this intentional and can you tell us more about what creating the song meant to you?

A lot of people don’t know about the other sides to me. They may only know my playful and bubbly side, and I noticed that so I decided to show MFs I can rap again.

Eat My Pussy Again is coming out can you tell us about what went into making it? Do you think this new project will show a different side of you musically or personally?

While I was making Eat My Pussy Again, I was going through a lot of new experiences, that I had never went through before so I was able to write more, create more and talk about more. Yes, I think it definitely will show a different side of me because it shows I’m more versatile, open, and creative than what people have seen in the past.

You mentioned we’ll be able to see all of your versatility on EMPA, What can we expect to hear off Eat My Pussy Again in terms of versatility? (Will it be a mix of different types of beats like melodic and trap, different storytelling, etc.?)

EMPA will have turn up songs, poem type songs, hard bars, etc it’s great.

Is there a song that you’re most excited for us to to hear off of it?

I’m excited for people to be influenced by “Ms. Understood.”

Do you feel you’ve grown as an artist from Eat my Pussy to now putting out Eat My Pussy Again?

I feel I’ve grown as an artist because I’m really not afraid to do anything now and I’m willing to show the world who I am.

A lot of your music is about empowering girls to do what they what and be sexually free, which I love. Is that a message that you usually try to push?

Yes, it’s really how I feel.

Yeah, you can tell. I think your music is about women flipping the script on men. Would you consider yourself a feminist at all?

No, I don’t consider myself a feminist. I don’t like titles. Also, I don’t know what being a feminist consist of or what feminists practice, but I’m sure we are similar.

What type of impact do you want to make as an artist? What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

I want people to dig deeper into life and realize who we are as a people. I want people to love themselves, love one another, and love God. I’m someone who is being used to push that message, my influence is very strong. It may take time for everyone to understand but they’ll come around.

I hear your working with young girls in Chicago. Can you tell me a little bit about the work you’ve been doing?

Well, I started something called Queen Camp and I randomly select girls who’ve sent me stories about their lives and I invite them to a day of pampering and experiencing with Queen key. We had Camp day # 2 on national women’s day coincidentally, and it was great. The girls made vision boards, got nails and hair done if they wanted, we had a live interview/ open discussion, and we went to the studio.

That’s so beautiful. What’s been your favorite part so far of the program?

My favorite part is seeing them enjoy themselves and also at the end when I ask them what have they learned from the camp? When I hear their answers it assures me that the purpose was fulfilled each time.

Outside of your project dropping, do you have any goals for 2019?

Yes I just want to grow and just be bigger and better, I don’t get too specific cause God be knowin, and I don’t lol so idk my career is in Gods hands, I’m just ready to blossom.

Before we go, what’s a fun fact about Queen Key that no one knows?

Maybe no one knows that I’m tender headed as fuckkkkk. And I don’t like chocolate. Lol.

Words by Talia Smith