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Quentin Tarantino sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night, upping the already tangible hype for his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Watch above.

The director spoke enthusiastically about a number of film-related topics, sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from the new movie. One particular story told how Brad Pitt got into character as Cliff in the new film. Tarantino referenced the many ’60s westerns he had asked the crew to watch to get familiar with his desired vibe, before recounting a specific Pitt-related tale.

“Brad had already read the script a couple of times and he was coming over to my house, just for us to kind of spend the night together and talk about the character,” Tarantino tells Kimmel. “So he shows up and I have a film prep ready to go.”

As it turns out, Pitt had a film of his own in mind. Tarantino continues, “So he shows up and he’s got a DVD that he wants to watch. So he brings out a DVD of the movie Billy Jack, and he was like, ‘You know, I think there’s something of Tom Laughlin’s (who starred as Billy Jack) performance in here that would be really good for Cliff.”

As it turns out, Tarantino already had a copy of Billy Jack cued up. “I go, ‘Brad, I have a 35mm print of Billy Jack cued up on my projector to show you tonight.’ [We were] absolutely on the same page.”

Watch the interview, which also includes a Margot Robbie cameo, in full above. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out in the US on July 26.

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