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In the lead up to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino continues to flirt very publicly with the idea of doing a Star Trek film. In a new interview with Deadline, he gave an idea of what his take on the iconic sci-fi franchise would look like:

“If you’ve seen my nine movies, you kind of know my way is an R-rated way and a way that is without certain restrictions. So that goes part and parcel. I think it would be more controversial if I said I’m going to do a PG movie and it’s going to fit exactly in the universe. It’s not me. What the f*ck am I doing? I mean I didn’t even do that when I did that ‘CSI’ episode.”

Tarantino still won’t confirm if he’s committed to directing the film yet, but he’s very keen on the script that’s been written and has a clear vision already:

“I get annoyed at Simon Pegg. He doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and he keeps making all these comments as if he knows about stuff. One of the comments he said, he’s like “Well, look, it’s not going to be ‘Pulp Fiction’ in space.” Yes, it is! [laughs hard]. If I do it, that’s exactly what it’ll be. It’ll be ‘Pulp Fiction’ in space. That ‘Pulp Fiction’-y aspect, when I read the script, I felt, I have never read a science fiction movie that has this sh*t in it, ever. There’s no science fiction movie that has this in it. And they said, I know, that’s why we want to make it. It’s, at the very least, unique in that regard.”

*Fingers crossed* this comes to fruition. If Tarantino does take on the Star Trek universe, though, prepare for it to be his very last film.

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