Tooth-brushing isn't something the average person thinks too hard or too long about. There are methods you learn as a child, and let's not get it twisted, childhood is probably the only time brushing seemed remotely fascinating or magical -- now it's just an integral part of everyone's hygienic routine. As adults we tend to brush our teeth on autopilot, our minds wandering to whatever more important matters push to the front of our psyche.

Enter quip, an electric toothbrush brand that wants us all to pay a little more attention to the humble tool responsible for keeping our pearly whites, white. Ironically enough, they're trying to tickle your fancy with simple, modern designs that pare back all of the extra-wild colors and bristle shapes your average store-bought toothbrush offers.

Instead quip offers a range of electric and soft-bristle brushes via a delivery service that drops off electric bristle replacements, manual toothbrush replacements and toothpaste, straight to your door. Deliveries take place every three months for bristles, and every 2 to 3 months for the toothpaste, depending on your preferences.

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