Danish outerwear brand, RAINS, is taking on the world’s biggest fast fashion conglomerate, Inditex (which is parent company to ZARA). The Danish brand recently raised copyright infringement claims against ZARA for allegedly copying its staple raincoat.

In just five years, the Copenhagen-based outerwear brand has become something of a global success story, counting more than 4,600 retailers in 20 different countries.

RAINS is calling for Inditex to halt all sales of its rain jackets, which bear a striking resemblance to the Danish brand’s own "paracoat" and jacket, and the case is set to be heard in the Danish Court of Commerce. The brand will also seek compensations for lost profits caused by Inditex.

Given that ZARA’s raincoat has been spotted on sale in stores everywhere from China to Holland to Denmark, as well as on its e-commerce site, it’s fair to assume that RAINS is looking for a rather big settlement.

Daniel Brix Hesselager, co-founder and owner of RAINS, has bluntly said; “Zara has copied some of our core products - classics - items which we have worked relentlessly on to help define our brand. We’re talking about products that will not change from season to season. So this copying must stop immediately.”

It doesn’t seem as though RAINS is phased by taking on a retail titan like ZARA either. “Their size and resources are great, but we are willing to go as far as it takes,” he added.

This isn’t the first time RAINS has battled to protect its creative efforts. The brand has previously won a copyright infringement case against another Danish brand called Tif-Tiffy, after the label was accused of ripping off RAINS’s aesthetic. The particular judgment stated RAINS has obtained a commercial distinctiveness through its marketing efforts, and the court ruled that Tif-Tiffy had infringed upon this with its imitative offering.

While gearing up for its latest court battle, RAINS has pictured its own raincoat and ZARA’s version next to each other (you can see it above), and it’s practically impossible to tell the difference.

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