On the latest episode of From the Ground Up, we hunted down some of the most uncommon kicks we could find, for our episode on rare pairs.

To open up the episode, we hit up someone who is widely considered to be one of the most style-conscious names in the NBA, P.J. Tucker. Tucker walked us through how he first became interested in sneakers and sneaker culture, and he even let us in on a story you won’t hear anywhere else - the tale of a storage locker he purchased for $100, to later find some serious gems within.

Next, we visited Dominic Ciambrone - who some of you may know better as The Shoe Surgeon - to chat with him in his Los Angeles studio, where we spoke to him about how he takes rare pairs, and then shreds them apart to make one-of-one collectible creations.

To wrap it all up, we headed to London to visit Vivian Frank, the founder of the biggest YEEZY-dedicated Facebook page YEEZY Talk Worldwide and owner of Famous Grail, for an unprecedented look into his sneaker closet. Naturally we spoke to him about a few of his rarest pairs of sneakers, and in general about how he has built up his collection of covetable kicks.

Check out the full episode on rare pairs in the video above.

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