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Los Angeles producer and DJ Gregory Shorter, aka Ras G has died. He was one of the founders of independent record label BRAINFEEDER, and Stones Throw.

The cause of death has not yet been made public. In December last year, however, the LA musician shared that he was taken to the Culver City Hospital and “diagnosed with pneumonia, borderline high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroid, and heart failure.”

Ras G rose to prominence in the late-2000s, working with Sun Ra, Open Mike Eagle, Thundercat, and Flying Lotus, whilst maintaining a steady output of music throughout his career.

Last year he described his work to MerryJane  as “Ghetto Sci-Fi Music.” He explained, “It’s Ghetto in terms of set-up/layout, but it’s a science to how it all works together and fiction to most who come from a more professional studio setting.”

His fans, friends, and collaborators have begun sharing their condolences and recognizing him as a visionary weirdo and a pioneer in the LA Beat scene. Take a look through some of the messages below.

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