As Donald Trump veers from debacle to farce (and back again), yesterday saw the President withdraw America from the Paris climate accord.

The deal, which was signed by over 200 countries and came into effect last year, unites all the world's nations in a single agreement on tackling climate change for the first time ever. Now, America will join semi-authoritarian Nicaragua and Bashar al-Assad's Syria as the only countries that aren't involved in the pact.

According to Barack Obama, America will no longer be a global leader when it comes to tackling green issues, while The Weather Channel's homepage spoke volumes:

Condemnation of Trump has been widespread, with global leaders joining celebrities and the public in lamenting both the environmental and economic implications of the decision. Find our roundup of takes from some of the biggest names below.

The Simpsons marked 125 days of the Trump administration with this dark parody.

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