After what has felt like an eternity of anticipation, Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 hits shelves worldwide today, October 26. If early reviews are anything to go by, the game was certainly worth the wait, with critics unanimous in their gushing praise of it.

The Western-themed action-adventure game is the prequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. Set in 1899, it follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Dutch Van Der Linde gang. After a botched robbery, the crew must rob, hustle and fight their way across America, with federal agents and bounty hunters in hot pursuit. As their situation worsens, internal struggles threaten to rip them apart.

Critics were not only wowed by the in-depth story, but also Rockstar’s impressive attention to detail and the pertinent underlying themes. The PS4 version currently sits with a Metacritic score of 97 percent, while the Xbox One version edges it out by a whisker, currently ranked at 98 percent.

If you’ve already bought the game, or are thinking about picking it up, it’s worth reading through some of the reactions and reviews we’ve rounded up for you below.

Rockstar Games has outdone itself again with Red Dead Redemption II. The up-close portrayal of the outlaw Van der Linde gang’s unraveling is a compelling companion story that blends seamlessly with the original game, and depth and breadth of the open world is a technical triumph that every gamer should experience.

Game Informer

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the epitome of ambition and like most things Rockstar, will meet the expectations associated with it. With all of the advancements since the last Red Dead and everything they've learned from Grand Theft Auto V under their belt, the series is in a better place, able to provide a more natural and less gamey world to explore.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is at once a startling evolution of the Rockstar Games formula and everything a fan could hope for from a Red Dead Redemption sequel.


[Red Dead is] still a game largely about fighting and killing, but also one that explores topics like racism and urbanization in a way that feels both natural and thoughtful. You can look at it as a Western take on GTA, but it’s also much more than that. Underneath its rugged, violent exterior is a story with a lot of heart and a world layered with details to uncover. It gives you a lot to think about over your morning coffee.

The Verge

This game has heart; the kind of heart that is difficult to pin down but impossible to deny. It is a wonderful story about terrible people, and a vivacious, tremendously sad tribute to nature itself. There is so much beauty and joy in this expensive, exhausting thing. Somehow that makes it even more perfect—a breathtaking eulogy for a ruined world, created by, about, and for a society that ruined it.


One of the top three open-worlds of all time, and the best game Rockstar has ever made. An all-time Old West masterpiece.

Games Radar

What the developers at Rockstar have done with this game is nothing short of incredible and, if anything, I want this review to be a celebration of what all of those employees poured their hard work and souls into. It is a stunning, breathtaking experience, one that will influence — in some way or another — the industry for years to come.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Grand Theft Auto V as one of the greatest games of the modern age.


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