After O.J. Simpson was recently granted parole after serving nine years in prision on a count of “robbery,” the prosecutor on the murder trial, Christopher Darden, recently took to Reddit to let the general public ask him anything.

The exact motivations behind Darden’s reasoning for wanting to open himself up to such potential ridicule remains unclear, but in the tagline of the Reddit thread, he almost appears to be selling himself, with lines such as “I’ll be appearing on Oxygen’s new series The Jury Speaks,” and “The case made me a pretty recognizable face.”

We rounded up some of the best questions and answers below. The full Reddit AMA thread can be viewed here, should you be hungry for more.

If you were walking down the street and saw O. J., or he approached you, how would you feel? What would you say?

Christopher Darden: I wouldn’t feel anything one way or the other. I sure as hell wouldn’t be afraid of him. I’d probably tell him to get the fuck off my sidewalk and take his ass across the street.

Is it true that O. J. could come out publicly now and say, “Yes, I did it, I killed them both,” and nothing could be done about it?

Christopher Darden: Yes, that is true. He has been found innocent, and to prosecute him again in state court would constitute double jeopardy and would be precluded by law. Did I say innocent? I meant not guilty.

What actor has been your favorite portrayal of yourself on television?

Christopher Darden: I haven’t watched, but everyone says Sterling K. Brown is a better me than me.

Did Sterling K. Brown contact you or attempt to meet you before his portrayal in the most recent TV series?

Christopher Darden: He called me at 3 a.m. Pacific Time to tell me he had gotten the role. I chewed his ass out.

What is the greatest public misunderstanding about the work of a prosecutor?

Christopher Darden: I think it has more to do with prosecutors in general. I think it is a mistake to assume that because someone is a prosecutor, that he or she is somehow more honest or has more integrity just because they are a prosecutor. Most of the prosecutors I know are good people who are committed to protecting us from those who would prey on us. But these days, I sometimes run into prosecutors who just don’t seem to have the character we used to have 20-30 years ago. People need to understand that prosecutors are lawyers, and like my grandmama once told me, a law degree is a license to lie.

How did Johnny Cochrane change the tone of the trial from murder to racism so effectively?

Christopher Darden: Cochrane used the media to change the conversation as effectively as Donald Trump does.

Thoughts on Faye Resnick?

Christopher Darden: LOL. LOL. Laughing my ass off.

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