redinho kimbra square 1

If you’re in need of a midweek dose of G-funk, we’ve got you covered. Redinho, producer for Swet Shop Boys and previous musical director for Hudson Mohawke, is kicking his solo career into high gear with his latest release. “Square 1” finds Redinho working with the inimitable Kimbra, and together they deliver a glorious sonic send-up of the genre that ends up sounding like Timbaland through a taffy-puller. Give it a listen below.

“I wrote this track with Kimbra a few years ago when we were jamming in London,” says Redinho. “The initial loop was the result of jamming with my Talkbox, Kimbra messing with her Voice Live skills, and me sampling the whole thing as we went along.”

Kimbra adds that “We wanted to encompass that hypnotizing, relentless but sensual magnetic dance between two people who can’t break a cycle and find themselves trapped in the cycles of attachment… We wanted it to feel claustrophobic and almost uncomfortably intimate, to echo that kind of relationship where there is no space to breathe.”

Redinho’s “Square 1” will appear on the double-single Mmm mmm / Square 1 out this Friday, September 7.

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