Last year, looked into how well we can recreate popular brand logos – with, at times, hilarious results. This year, they’ve focused on a selection of NFL logos, which includes this year’s Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles.

150 participants were asked to draw 12 team logos from memory as accurately as they could, and some of the results were more than a little surprising. Almost half of the participants forgot to give the bird an eye in the Eagles logo, while one in three drew the New England Patriots logo facing the wrong direction.

One participant had absolutely no clue when drawing the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, drawing a piece of metal with the word "Steelers?" underneath.

Check out some of the results below and then head to for the rest.

New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles

In other news, Gucci put up giant art murals in New York and Milan. Check them out here.

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