It's official, the Resident Evil movies are getting a reboot. The news comes from the Cannes Film Festival where the chairman of Constantin Film, Martin Moszkowicz, confirmed to Variety that a reboot was currently in development.

According to Moszkowicz, the goal is to milk six movies out of the deal. As yet, however, there's no confirmation of where they will fit into the franchise, who will direct them or whether Milla Jovovich will reprise her leading role.

A reboot seems sudden as Resident Evil hasn't been off our screens for very long. Its final film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, was released earlier this year, but from its reception — it earned $160 million in China alone — it was clear that people weren't quite ready to let the movies go just yet.

It also probably helps that the original franchise is to-date the highest-grossing film series based on a video game, bringing in an incredible $1.2 billion worldwide. Check back for more details as they come in.

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