Bots can no doubt make it difficult for those looking to land high profile online drops. And taking things a step further, when random restocks then occur, they're usually just that — random — so no one really knows when they're coming. Thanks to a new app, aptly dubbed Restocks, you can now be alerted when your favorite items become available.

Restocks is the brainchild of 18-year-old Luke Miles. Luke initially thought of the idea when he was a sophomore in high school, as he realized that Supreme tends to restock select items at various times other than they're usual Thursday releases. He in turn created a program that would text hopeful shoppers when the site would restock. Once people began paying for the program, Miles then turned it into an app, a free one at that.

Now, Restocks will send you notifications when retailers such as Kith, Dover Street Market, CNCPTS, and numerous adidas and Nike suppliers are set to make drops.

Just last year, Luke was accepted to YC Fellowship, a program for early-stage startups. Upon graduating to the main program, he then received $120,000 USD in seed money for his startup.

“Silicon Valley dudes might wonder why Supreme doesn’t sell their clothes everywhere—it’s a new concept,” Miles revealed when speaking to GQ, as he also noted that investors have lost a lot of money off e-commerce related startups. “Tapping into these consumers is a new thing to them.”

Miles ultimately chose to skip college so he could focus all of his energy on Restocks. He now has two employees, as the trio works in San Francisco.

During his discussion with GQ, the 18-year-old app owner also disclosed that Restocks facilitates hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchases every month via “low tens of thousands” of users.

For more on Luke Miles, Restocks and how it works, follow on over to GQ.

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