Around a month ago, Justin Bieber unveiled the album art for his forthcoming studio album Purpose, featuring prominent graphic contributions from graffiti artist Retna. But now, our sources in Los Angeles have brought our attention to an incident that took place at Soze Gallery where Retna is being accused of crashing an exhibition in rather belligerent fashion.

Several charges have been leveled at Retna – real name Marquis Lewis – including accusations that he sprayed his own tag on the walls and broke three sculptures including one of his own, before going on to attack gallery owner Toowee Kao – who Retna is rumored to have a lasting beef with – and smash the windows of her Mercedes G500.

As of now, few witnesses of the tantrum are coming forward with reports of what actually happened due to Retna’s volatile reputation. The artist has been arrested in the past, while LA-based Twitter user @JessTheBestDuuh reported the following before deleting it:

“Tonight I witnessed that artist Retna throw a full blown tantrum at an art show. I mean breaking things, slapping other men…crazy”

According to artnet, however, the tantrum was apparently part of a planned performance piece and the only sculpture he broke was his own.

No word yet on how this will play out but check out some of the damage below.

  • Featured Image: Fecal Face
  • Photographer: Anonymous

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