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When Hanes and Fruit of the Loom call their t-shirts “heavyweight,” they must be basing their measurement weight on fuzzy math: a typical heavyweight t-shirt that comes through our office for review is substantially heavier than said brands and with a hand that is initially coarse before wash. And while coarseness may unnerve traditionalists, we prefer our heavyweight shirts to break in a manner similar to denim. Make it yours, make it personal.

In the past years, three brands have stood out in the heavyweight t-shirt realm as exceptional: 3sixteen, Left Field NY and Lady White Co. But there is a (semi) new player — San Francisco’s Welcome Stranger — who offers a unique take on heavyweight t-shirts pushing weights to eight-oz., making its product one that some may consider closer to a standard sweatshirt, though not quite.

Quite frankly, the weight and $49 price point of its Bison Tee is well below typical shirting of similar quality, making it an impressively strong option for those who desire t-shirts that are not thin, single wear commodities. Do note that Welcome Stranger’s fit is unique; we recommend sizing up twice your normal size, unless you like things snug.

We cannot comment on the remainder of the retailer’s collection but Welcome Stranger’s t-shirts are big winners in this office. You can find Welcome Stranger online. Made in the USA.

Managing Director N.A.

Jeff Carvalho is Managing Director for Highsnobiety N.A. in New York City. He holds a journalism degree from Northeastern University.