When Hanes and Fruit of the Loom call their t-shirts "heavyweight," they must be basing their measurement weight on fuzzy math: a typical heavyweight t-shirt that comes through our office for review is substantially heavier than said brands and with a hand that is initially coarse before wash. And while coarseness may unnerve traditionalists, we prefer our heavyweight shirts to break in a manner similar to denim. Make it yours, make it personal.

In the past years, three brands have stood out in the heavyweight t-shirt realm as exceptional: 3sixteen, Left Field NY and Lady White Co. But there is a (semi) new player -- San Francisco's Welcome Stranger -- who offers a unique take on heavyweight t-shirts pushing weights to eight-oz., making its product one that some may consider closer to a standard sweatshirt, though not quite.

Quite frankly, the weight and $49 price point of its Bison Tee is well below typical shirting of similar quality, making it an impressively strong option for those who desire t-shirts that are not thin, single wear commodities. Do note that Welcome Stranger's fit is unique; we recommend sizing up twice your normal size, unless you like things snug.

We cannot comment on the remainder of the retailer's collection but Welcome Stranger's t-shirts are big winners in this office. You can find Welcome Stranger online. Made in the USA.

  • Photography:Thomas Welch/Selectism.com

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