Cali-based boutique automaker, US Specialty Vehicles, produce militarized cars for the city streets and their latest creation, the Rhino XT, is a perfect example of their armored aesthetic.

The Rhino XT is a beefed-up Jeep Wrangler that takes inspiration from the Hummer HX and pretty much bears no resemblance to its original form whatsoever. Equipped with huge, riveted flared fenders, rugged bumpers, reinforced FRP body panels, designer tow hooks, and a redesigned heavy-duty roll cage, the Rhino XT is ready for war.

But the Rhino XT isn't all brawn and no finesse, after all, this is a city vehicle, not a battlefield one. Inside it's equipped with premium leather seats, leather-trimmed door panels, an Alpine navigation system, and a back-up view camera, amongst other trinkets.

Sound interested? Then you can reserve one at US Specialty Vehicles, if you have a spare $75,000 lying around, that is.

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