The internet is a really, really weird place. Just when you thought there wasn't already a surplus of oddball rappers who come out of nowhere and go viral, we're gifted with a new gem.

Meet Brian Imanuel, a Vine comedian who decided to tap into rap music last month by releasing a track, titled "Dat $tick," under the moniker Rich Chigga. Recently, Chigga dropped a video for the joint which, after being discovered by, is the latest rap video to generate buzz in cyberspace.

Many blogs are toying with the term "Asian drill rap" as a genre for the single, but we'll just go ahead and call it #cringecoretrap, because why not? The video features a baby-faced Chigga wearing a getup that sits somewhere between middle-aged Floridian golfer and Australian speed dealer, and includes typical amateur rap video antics (ie: lots of flexing, rolling through the "hood," chilling with the homies and looking thuggish).


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