No One Knows Me Like Dawn From the Jobcentre is a new short profiling artist Richie Culver and his exhibition of the same name. Courtesy of filmmaker William Markarian-Martin and Humber Street Gallery, Culver dives into the nuanced life of his English hometown Hull, mixing past memories with present day experiences.

As seen in the video above, many of the paintings and sculptural works speak to Culver’s working-class background — humorously underpinned by the artist’s relationship with former welfare advisor, Dawn.

Here, Culver looks back on his early career and recalls childhood landscapes and ambitions, as well as his eventual successes. Moreover, he goes onto explain the significance of his first solo show being exhibited in Hull.

“The majority of the paintings are like snapshots from my memory,” Culver states in the video. “Just that kind of freedom and relative arrogance you have growing up, when you don’t really have any fear… I just have really fond memories of looking back and this is just my personal story.”

With further musical contributions from PAN’s Lee Gamble and Astro Nautico’s Photay as part of Markarian-Martin’s short, this compelling clip speaks highly of the artistic work that follows.

No One Knows Me Like Dawn From the Jobcentre is currently on show at Humber Street Gallery in Hull until May 27.

For more insights, press the play button in the gallery above.

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