Vancouver's Richmond Night Market, the biggest night market in North America, is in full swing this summer. We attended to sample the six best food truck-inspired delicacies.

Come summer in Vancouver, the biggest night market in North America - Richmond Night Market - is abuzz with hungry patrons looking to fill their bellies with bite-sized Asian snacks. Given that Vancouver is a hot bed of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Eastern cuisine, the Richmond Night Market distills this imported palate into a single location, offering over 500 unique vendors cooking up a variety of food truck-style treats that range from the conservative to the manic, depending on how adventurous your taste buds are feeling.

For those in Vancouver that are up to battling the ravenous crowds, the Richmond Night Market is open from May 15 - October 15.

Phat Buddha Tacos

New to the Night Market this year, Phat Buddha Tacos fuses Asian flavors to make the perfect taco on a thin, handmade naan. Paying tribute to the West Coast, Van-City’s taco reinvents the fish taco with torched soy-glazed salmon on a bed of spinach and kale, topping it with fresh bonito flakes and crispy bacon bits. Our favorite is the “Like” Hainanese taco – the poached chicken is insanely juicy while the ginger & scallion, puffed rice, and hot sauce will make you say Oms.

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Fish Sticks

Hailing from Taiwan, Fish Sticks plays with the popular fried fish cake snack by skewering them. The fish cake skewer is delicately battered, flash-fried, and flavored with your choice of seasoning or sauce. Pick from flavors like teri-mayo, chipotle mayo, wasabi mayo, and more. Dig in and prepare yourself for crispy and astoundingly tender fish.

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Lao Er BBQ Squid

Squid is located in almost every aisle at the night market and it's truly difficult to pick one. At Lao Er BBQ Squid, the squid endures a long process of marinating, wok-tossing and flame-grilling to ensure the optimal amount of tenderness and flavor. Choose your degree of spice wisely – even the less-spicy squid packed heat in our tastebuds.

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Mango Yummy

After a savory culinary tour of the night market, don’t forget to curb your sweet tooth at Mango Yummy. Offering a variety of popular Hong Kong-inspired desserts, this place is a must-visit for fresh fruit lovers. With refreshingly sweet mangoes, vanilla ice cream, and shaved ice melting in your mouth, it is no doubt that their most popular item is the Mango Ice Cream Shaved Ice. Also boasting a wonderfully refreshing taste is the Fresh Mango Sago - the drink infuses tapioca sago, mango and milk, and comes sprinkled with fresh pomelo.

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Japanese Crepe Sasuke

While crepe stands are found all over the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japanese Crepe Sasuke makes it easier for you at the night market with its unique take on this popular Japanese dessert. Each crepe is made-to-order with fresh fruit toppings like banana, strawberries, and favorites like Nutella, matcha ice cream, red bean, and mochi. The Monster Crepe includes almost every ingredient they have in their arsenal and “you will never regret!”

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The Rotato is a staple at the Richmond Night Market. Judging from the lineups this food stand has every night, these twisted potatoes on a stick have spawned a whole new appreciation for fried chips.  With your choice of flavors like sour cream, roasted garlic and pepper, cheddar, BBQ, ketchup and more, this snack is a must-have for any potato chip monster. Be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes for your piping hot chips.

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