Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon confirmed on Twitter that Cartoon Network has not renewed the show for a fourth season.

Replying to a fan that demanded Harmon finish writing the next season of the show, he wrote that it’s hard to write a show that had not been ordered.

The tweet came in response to the fan calling him a “lazy alcoholic” for not having already finished season 4.

Harmon has been very open about his alcoholism in the past and clearly does not shy away from criticism on social media.

Last December, news broke that the show’s next season was in limbo. Back then Ryan Ridley, a former writer for the show, hinted that no one was working on season 4.

This is not the first time Rick and Morty fans have been overly demanding - remember when crowds caused trouble at various McDonald’s locations back when the fast food chain released its Szechuan Sauce, which was made famous again by the show?

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