rick and morty season 4 preview
Adult Swim

Any day with Rick and Morty news is a good day. While we’re still four long months away from the fourth season, Adult Swim just shared two new photos from the series to cheer us up.

The show’s official Instagram account dropped the two images on Tuesday, with a caption reading “The promised land is near.” The first image sees Rick in a serene alien field, eyes blissfully closed. In the following image, Rick is not so at ease. Surrounded by what appear to be cyborg lizards or croc-bots, it seems Rick is in a bit of a — ahem — pickle.

What’s really striking about the images is that Rick’s grandson and travel companion, Morty, is notably missing from both images. We can only hope the creators reveal some clue about Morty’s absence in their panel at this year’s Comic-Con this Friday. And if not, we just need to wait until November.

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Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer