Rick Owens’s designs and coinciding fashion presentations are virtually anything but conventional, much like his taste in music. For example, the 55-year-old creative has insisted that American performance artist and singer-songwriter/rapper Christeene is his Beyonce. But just how much is Owens into Christeene’s work? Enough to star in her latest music video for “Butt Muscle.”

The song centers around — you could probably guess — all things anal, as the extremely NSFW aesthetic in turn finds Owens and his co-stars greased up and stripped down in notably vulnerable positions. At one point even, we see Rick with his long, trademark hair positioned in Christeene’s posterior, in addition to getting urinated on.

When speaking with Dazed, Christeene first off insisted that if you’re not a fan, you can kindly “fuck off.”

Shen then went on to add, “I don’t care what they think. I had fun,” when speaking on the video.

As talk transitioned to the idea of peeing in Owens’s mouth, Christeene responded, “That was Rick’s idea. I wanted to put his hair up my butthole and then coming out of my mouth and then he was like, ‘Hey, how about you pee on me?’ And I said yes.”

To hear more from Christeene, Owens and the video’s director Matt Lambert, as well as to watch the “Butt Muscle” aesthetic, follow on over to Dazed.

Not NYC, not LA.