Back in December, Rick Owens sat down with Business of Fashion to discuss his childhood and what makes a man. Now for his latest interview, the reputable designer dishes on his "cult" status, unique aesthetic and themes found in his work, including the fight for immortality. For this, Owens met up with T Magazine’s chief fashion correspondent, Alexander Fury.

When commenting on the darker themes in Owens’s work, Fury writes:

His father, John, a former social worker, died in 2015, aged 95 — which prompted a series of introspective, somewhat nihilistic collections. “How do you face decline gracefully?” he asks. “I suppose it was because of Dad declining and me getting older and me thinking about how we face change and all of that. Ecological change, and political threat. Me thinking, Isn’t all of this stuff maybe just supposed to happen?” He shrugs. “Our primal urge is to procreate. That’s one of the reasons that we’re on earth, our prime motivation is to procreate and to live forever. We’re doing our best to do both, so isn’t it inevitable that we just overcrowd it until something else happens? We just kill ourselves off? Something’s got to evolve.” These are seldom ideas connected to fashion; nor ideas fashion designers willingly talk about. “It’s sociology and anthropology,” he says. “It’s just the way — that’s what happens in real life. In real life, the act of creation is defying death. I think it’s just that dumb and simple.

For the entire conversation between Rick Owens and Alexander Fury, follow on over to The New York Times's T Magazine.

The piece will appear in T's upcoming Men’s Style issue, available in print on Sunday, March 5. The installment's cover story features interviews with Kendrick Lamar, Beck and Tom Waits.

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