If sliding down snowy mountains at high speed isn't exhilarating enough, augmented reality has arrived to make the slopes more exciting. RideOn Ski Goggles offer the world's first AR ski experience, and they're available to pre-order now.

The operating system is based on Android 4.4 with virtual maps and highlighted points of interest to improve the overall ski experience and stop you getting lost. An integrated camera supports up to three hours HD video recording, while communication functions help locate fellow riders and call or text them hands-free. For those wanting to relive SSX Tricky days (and who doesn't), virtual slalom and racing games are coming soon.

RideOn suggests they'll soon bring AR experiences to motorcycling, sailing, aviation, and other outdoor activities. Having only achieved their crowdfunding goal on Indigogo last year, it's early days.

Virtual and augmented reality have already impacted gaming, and, no surprise, porn. The world went wild when Pokemon Go showed AR's potential recently. Ski goggles are suited to AR integration because they're already necessary, they don't add to a skiers kit. Unlike VR, which disconnects people from physical reality, AR adds another layer to the physical world, making it a shareable, less lonely, and more attractive experience.

RideOn Ski Goggles are available to pre-order now via the link below for $629 USD and are expected for delivery October 2016.

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