Just how long has Horst Christian Simco truly been Riff Raff? According to footage that has reemerged on YouTube, since at least 2004. A seven-minute epic entitled Riff Raff: A Day In The Life appeared on Riff Raff’s JodyHighRoller YouTube account on Monday.

In the clip, the Houston rapper shows off the custom rims on his candy-painted car and later reveals a matching pistol. He gives a Cribs-style tour of his modest apartment, which obviously pales in comparison to his current Codeine Castle abode.

Riff Raff flexes his custom Bart Simpson chain, pioneering the look 13 years before Lil Yachty. He also talks about his grills, rattling off the current price per ounce of gold, and bragging about the sweet deal he cut. He even takes a trip to his favorite flea market and pays a visit to his jeweler.

Riff Raff recently announced the release of his new single “Shark Tank” from his forthcoming The White West project, set to drop August 4.

Revisit the brand new video for "Snow Storm" featuring Owey & Poodeezy below.

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