Ro Ransom is part of a slew of new rappers looking to put New York firmly back at the forefront of hip-hop again. Ro's developed a buzz over the last year; producing an beautiful video for standout track "See Me Fall," and exerting his songwriting ability on track such as Khalid's "Let's Go.” As he approaches the release of his upcoming project Momentum, we're pleases to premiere his collaboration with Jazz Cartier - a firm favorite of ours - on their new track, "Prettiest." Stream all the goodness below.

Produced by Tim Suby (also known for Childish Gambino's "Candler Road"), "Prettiest" sees two bubbling rappers in Ro Ransom and Jazz Carrier collide for a crossover smash with plenty of potential. Ro's slick falsetto is remarkably similar to The Weeknd's, while another Torontonian in the form of bubbling rapper Jazz Cartier rattles of some bold bars over the infectious instrumental. This collaboration comes at the perfect time for two rappers on the ascendancy - and marks a polished step forward in both their careers.

Ro was in confident mood when reflecting on the release, saying, "I’ve known Jazz Cartier for years, we met as fans of each other. I heard one beat Tim made and knew I had to work with him. It was important to me to set the record straight on who the prettiest rapper is. It’s not up for debate. I came in the game with 36 drop dead gorgeous women in my life, no record deal. Zendayas. The only other rappers that can say that were probably career pimps. I need everybody to feel as pretty as I feel when I hit that selfie button. You’re beautiful too.”

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