Disney+ and Marvel are developing an animated series about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Titled What If...?, the series will posit alt-world stories within the existing canon of the MCU. Not much else is known about the upcoming series, but there have been rumors swirling about possible alternative storylines, including the return of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man. Now an unlikely source has confirmed Downey Jr.'s return, and it's none other than Jeff Goldblum.

So how could Jeff Goldblum reveal details of a production that is currently under wraps? Well, he was disarmed by puppies. In an interview with Buzzfeed, during which the actor played with adorable pups he accidentally let it slip that he was voicing Grandmaster on the upcoming show alongside Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. "I went to the Disney studios and I recorded the Grandmaster’s voice for an episode of a show that’s gonna be on Disney+ that’s called What If…?" he said as he was bombarded with puppy love. "It’s an animated version of all the characters we know and love from Marvel and this episode included the Grandmaster and Iron Man, so Robert Downey will do a voice for that." Watch the adorable interview below.

In his unorthodox bombshell reveal, Goldblum also confirmed that Taika Waiti will return to the MCU as the voice of Korg. If Goldblum isn't bluffing, this could be one of the most stellar casts the MCU has seen in a long time.

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