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Robert Pattinson stopped by Today’s Sunday Sitdown to discuss his new movie Lighthouse, his latest in a run of smaller films that followed the Twilight ,saga.

In the interview, Pattinson opened up about his childhood shyness, as well as the intense anxiety he later experienced auditioning for film roles. “I used to get so paralyzed with anxiety that I couldn’t do anything,” he told Willie Geist.

He tried to find methods for calming himself down but it never worked. It was only when he was able to channel his fear that he was able to overcome his anxiety. “Now I’m addicted to it” he joked, “If you’re not throwing up before every take you’re doing something wrong.”

When asked about returning to the spotlight to star in Matt Reeves’ The Batmanhe said he accepted “immediately.” “There’s a part of me that thinks it’s impossible for it to be like what happened with Twilight… I’m hoping there won’t be people lining up outside my place.”

The film is set to be the first in a trilogy, which Reeves describes as “a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale.”

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