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This week’s episode of The Dropcast is full of spicy hot takes on everything from Palace’s latest lookbook to the controversial “top 50” lists that have been populating everyone’s feeds.

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by two street art legends in their own right, Roger Gastman and David “CHINO” Villorente. They talk about Gastman’s dope “Beyond the Streets” exhibit currently on display in Brooklyn, and how guys like Futura and KAWS have managed to make it in the art world on their own terms.

Of course, like streetwear, street art has become more popular and commercial than ever. Gastman and Villorente have some great insight on how it still maintains its spirit of purity while continuing to touch other parts of culture.

There’s also an entire bit dedicated to #MuleBoyz, a hashtag that has random ass dudes eagerly sharing photos of their feet with Jian and Noah. Listen to the full episode to learn how to join the mulement.

And like every episode, we end by getting to the Question of the Week (QOTW). This week we asked Dropcast listeners “How can the art world be more inclusive?”

Villorente and Gastman don’t disappoint with the knowledge they drop. And for a chance to end up in a future Dropcast episode, peep the Highsnobiety Instagram every Monday for a fresh QOTW, then call the Dropcast Hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) and share your hottest take.

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Beyond The Streets

Words by Noah Thomas
Digital Fashion Editor